Make your own game-pad!

…Don’t let oth­ers tell you how many but­tons you can press at once, these are times of free­dom 🙂

This is a home­made game-pad with just one accelerom­e­ter (a break­out board from Spark­fun) and one push-but­ton.

custom game-pad with accelerometer and push-button connected to arduino

Using a sim­ple, cus­tom pro­to­col and a C# lis­tener we could play Acceleroids, an Aster­oids lost sib­ling on Steroids, which uses the accelerom­e­ter to con­trol the ship and the but­ton to shoot.

next steps will be to turn this into a generic game-pad by sim­u­lat­ing key­board key presses for any sen­sor you throw at the Arduino, allow­ing you to cre­ate truly funky pads to con­trol your favourite game. Stay tuned! 😉

Edit: We were alerted by friendly com­ments that this project resem­bles another project/tutorial that can be found here:,902.0.html

2 thoughts on “Make your own game-pad!”

  1. Gostaria só de colo­car uma questão, qual o soft­ware que usas para depois de teres tudo a fun­cionar o arduino e o acel­erómetro faz­eres o inter­face com o jogo?!??

    Sem mais, Aguardando resposta
    Nuno San­tos

  2. The idea is to sim­u­late key­board keys by soft­ware. In the case of the accelerom­e­ter (or a pot, or an ldr or any­thing that can be con­sid­ered an axis) it will gen­er­ate repeat­ing key strokes, as fast as the out­put value. There can be other types of input such as on/off trig­gers.

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